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    1. Columbus Network / C&W Business

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    Direction: C2R9+725, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

    Telephone: +1 829-956-1350

    Type: Internet service provider

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    We help you choose interned in Santo Domingo

    We know you're looking for interned in Santo Domingo, and we're not only going to answer that, but a lot more!
    We have more than one million inhabitants and we are the oldest city in the Caribbean, which is why we are a historical reference centre in Latin America, and the capital of the Dominican Republic. We have paved and walled the entire Colonial Zone, to preserve the history of its interior as we have buildings of great historical value such as the cathedral, built in the New World and dating from the sixteenth century. We have also been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which encourages us to better preserve our past.
    Enter and discover or rediscover the city in a very different way, because our team is very varied, and we deal with any type of subject that involves our city, the one in which we have grown up. We are full of enthusiasm to start this project, and we are more than capable of explaining interned in Santo Domingo and many other things.
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